The categories used in this database were chosen by the team after careful consideration of available information and user needs. Here, the key categories used for publications, businesses and organisations are defined.

Resource types (only for publications)
Market Intelligence Publications including detailed analysis or data about BoP markets, products or customers
Case Study Publications covering specific example(s) of inclusive business enterprise
Report Reports, articles, sector overviews, working and discussion papers
Checklist or Factsheet Concise overviews on specific topics or issues. Usually only a few pages long.
Tool or Technical Guide Practical and/or technical guidance
Interview Audio, video or transcript interviews
Inclusive Business Topics
Serving BoP clients Business models that reach low income consumers. This topic can embrace distribution, awareness, product design, financing, market building.
Sourcing from the BoP Business models that engage low-income workers and suppliers. This topic covers sourcing from BoP producers, often farmers
Inclusive Business Models, Strategy and Scale Inclusive business planning tools, strategies for scale, assessment of models
Policy and Government Policy issues and the wider ecosystem for inclusive business; resources from or for donors and policy makers
Finance for Inclusive Business Finance for inclusive business growth, e.g. impact investing, accessing funding
Corporates in Inclusive Business Corporate business models that engage the BoP, publications specifically targeted at or written about MNCs
Partnerships Business to business, business to government, or business to NGO partnerships within inclusive business models
Climate-friendly Inclusive business models that mitigate or adapt to climate change
Women Empowerment Inclusive businesses that involve and empower women
Results Measurement and Impact Approaches to measurement of results, findings on results of inclusive businesses
Agriculture or Food Agricultural production, processing; food production and food products targeted at the BoP
Energy Renewable energy targeted at BoP households and communities
Health Healthcare and related services
Education Education and training
Water, Sanitation or Waste Management Water supply and treatment, sanitation services and hygiene, waste services and recycling
Housing or Construction Residential infrastructure
Retail, Manufacturing or Consumer Goods FMCG and other retail goods for BOP consumers, manufacturing with BoP engagement
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Information and communication services for BoP users, business models that harness information technology (SMS, web, other)
Financial Services Financial services for BoP consumers and entrepreneurs and financial inclusion approaches (banking, insurance, mobile finance etc.)
Organisation Type (only for organisations listing)
Development Finance Institution Financial organisations owned or backed by governments that provide finance to the private sector for investments that promote development.
Impact Investor Organisations that invest in inclusive businesses with the intention of generating a positive social impact alongside a financial return.
Commercial bank/ Pension fund/ Investment fund Mainstream banks, pension funds or investment funds that have diversified their investments to include inclusive business.
Challenge fund/ Accelerator/ Award/ Foundation Organisations or programmes that provide support to inclusive businesses through grants, loans, concessional finance, award schemes and other facilitation to support development of the business and draw on philanthropic, donor or concessional finance.
Technical assistance provider/ Consultancy Organisations for which providing technical assistance to inclusive businesses is a core function. It does not list organisations that may include technical support only for their own investees. Organisations that provide consulting services to inclusive businesses.
Government/ Donor Governments and donor organisations that support inclusive business.
Network/ Business Association/ Knowledge platform Organisations that provide networking and knowledge exchange opportunities to inclusive businesses, including online platforms.
Academia Academia refers to academic institutions that undertake research relevant to inclusive business.
Finance (only for organisations listing)
Any finance Organisations that provide any type of financial support to inclusive businesses: equity, debt, grant or other.
Equity Investment vehicles and organisations that invest in equity in inclusive businesses, and/or quasi-equity deals.
Debt financing Organisations that provide loans to inclusive businesses.
Grants/awards Organisations that provide grants or financial awards to inclusive businesses.
Guarantees Organisations that provide loan guarantees to inclusive businesses to enable them to access finance from commercial banks.
Technical support (only for organisations listing)
Any technical support Organisations that provide any type of technical support to inclusive businesses.
Business advice/ mentoring Organisations that offer business guidance and mentoring to support growth of inclusive businesses.
Training Organisations that offer training courses (online or face to face) on key aspects of starting and running an inclusive business.
Partnership brokering and networking Organisations that help inclusive businesses find suitable partners to help grow their business as well as organisations that provide networking opportunities.
Information sharing, resources and publications Organisations that share information and develop resources about inclusive business as well as facilitate and promote the exchange of knowledge.
Advocacy Organisations that actively support and promote the growth of inclusive business.
Further information
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Database structure

Region/Country Users can search for resources by region and/or country. The search function only includes countries for which relevant items are included in the database. It does not provide a comprehensive list of all countries. The search function will be amended based on new items.
Fund/Portfolio programme (businesses only) Users can search for businesses by key investor and/or the portfolio programme they belong to. This search function only includes major investors/portfolio programmes of businesses currently listed in the database. This will be amended when new businesses are added.