1. What is included and excluded in this database?

This database contains a diverse range of English and Spanish publications that relate to inclusive business, including market intelligence, case studies, reports, tools checklists, factsheets, technical guidelines, and interviews. Specific company annual and/or impact reports are not included unless they contain wider learnings for the inclusive business community. The database does not cover publications that are about the private sector without reference to inclusive business, nor does it cover more general reports on the sectors (agriculture, health etc) at the BoP, which have no reference to inclusive business, unless they are deemed critical market intelligence for businesses. If you are interested to find out more about other related topics to IB such as impact investing, microfinance and market systems approaches, have a look at our listing of other useful links.

This database contains a separate and initial listing of inclusive businesses, this is work in progress and currently only covers initiatives working in Asia. It also contains a separate listing of organisations that support inclusive business. This is also ongoing. If you would like to be added to the databases click here.

2. How has the selection of publications been made?

The database was originally generated in mid-2015 by a joint team from GIZ, Ashley Insight, and Ashoka Mexico, drawing on desk research, the original Practitioner Hub library, and outreach to other organisations and authors. Relevant publications published in or after 2000 have been considered for inclusion. The database is updated on an ongoing bases to include the latest publications in inclusive business.

Tell us what has been missed out: please use this form to submit a suggestion.

3. What do the categories mean, what are the definitions of these topics?

Please visit our page on definitions and categories for information.

4. How does the language selection work?

If you are just looking for English publications, then you need to select the English language option. If you are just looking for Spanish publications, then you need to select the Spanish language option. If you would like to see both English and Spanish publications, then please select the ‘Both’ language option.

5. Can I select more than one search criteria at once?

Yes, you can select multiple search criteria at the same time across topic, sectors, regions and using the search bar for key words. Simply select the criteria from the left hand menu and hit ‘Start Search’. You can subsequently refine your search by removing or adding search criteria from the left hand menu and hit 'Refine search'. You can search by specific key words within each listing by using the box below the blue search panel.

6. Can I search for anything on the database?

Yes! If you are looking for a specific topic that is not included in the criteria list, use the search bar in the top right hand corner to search the entire database. This will return results on that topic from the whole database, including organisations, publications and businesses.

7. If I want all Asia material, do I need to select all Asian countries, too (or ditto for other continents)?

No. If you would like to see all the material for one continent, for example Asia, select ‘Asia’ under the ‘Region/Country’ tab and click on the ‘Start Search’ button. This will bring up all publications on all topics related to Asia.

8. Can I submit new resource for inclusion in the database?

Yes, please. Go to ‘Submit a new entry’ in the top menu and fill in the form with the details of the resource you wish to submit. The Practitioner Hub Team will review the entry before it is approved and post it on the site within a week. Please note that only submissions that match our criteria will be included.

9. The link to a specific resource is not working, what can I do?

All our database entries directly link to external websites of organisations and authors from which resources can be accessed. Hence we have limited control over links that may change over time. Please help us to keep the database up to date by clicking on the ‘Report error’ button on the bottom right of each entry. The link will then be updated or removed.

10. I have noticed incorrect details for specific publications, what can I do?

Please do let us know. You can either do so by clicking on the ‘Report error’ button on the bottom right of each publication entry, or simply by contacting us.

11. Where can I find out more about inclusive business?

For more information about inclusive business visit the Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business. The Practitioner Hub is an online platform that provides practical information and resources to the practitioners and facilitators of inclusive business. It provides a space for practitioners to connect, share experiences and gain new insights to help their inclusive business ventures grow.